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Foundation For Amazon Sustainability (FAS)

Caring for the people who care for the Amazon

Founded on February 8th 2008, the Foundation For Amazon Sustainability (FAS) is a non-profit civil society organization operating in the Amazon. With no political party links, it provides social assistance for vulnerable populations. It is an institution that promotes regional development through research, development and innovation activities.


Contribute to the environmental conservation of the Amazon by enhancing the socio-economic benefits of the standing forest and its biodiversity, while improving the quality of life of remote communities by implementing and disseminating knowledge about sustainable development.


To be a world reference in solutions for sustainable development in the Amazon, through enhancing the socio-economic benefits of standing forests and their biodiversity, community empowerment and the expansion and strengthening of partnerships.



Photos: Bruno Kelly, Dirce Quintino e Caio Palozzo.


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Creation of FAS

Start of partnership with Bradesco Bank

Partnership with the Marriott hotel chain with the technical project REDD +

Elaboration of FAS’ 1st Strategic Planning in partnership with Bain & Company

Coca-Cola becomes a sponsor and contributor of the FAS permanent fund

Partnership with Samsung for the construction of the Conservation and Sustainability Center in the Rio Negro Environmental Protection Area

Partnership with the Amazon Fund to support the Standing Forest Program

Partnership with Google for Amazon Street View for remote communities in the Amazon

Action Market Research opinion and satisfaction survey

Review of the FAS Business Model in partnership with Bain & Company

Expansion of the partnership with Coca-Cola for actions in the Rio Negro Reserve

Partnership with Grupo Abril for education actions in the Juma Reserve

Definition of control and operational execution mechanisms in partnership with Bain & Company

Beginning of the first project funded by the Municipal Fund for the Rights of Children and Adolescents (Fumcad)

Partnership with the Brazilian government Entrepreneurship Service (Sebrae) in the Remote Amazon Community Entrepreneurship Program

Partnership with the Brazilian Service of Micro and Small Business Support (shortened to Sebrae in its original Portuguese) in the Ribeirinho Entrepreneurship project

FAS launches the Sustainable Development Solutions Network for the Amazon (SDSN-Amazônia)

FAS participates in several events of the Conference of the Parties (COP20) in Lima (Peru)

First Urban Sustainability Event is held in Manaus involving more than 8 thousand people

Impact HUB incubation at the FAS headquarters

Action Market Research opinion and satisfaction survey

New contribution from the Amazon Fund

Partnership with SAP for Entrepreneurship in Remote Amazon Communities

Elaboration of the 2018-2030 Strategic Planning, in partnership with Bain & Company

Launch of the Standing Forest call for proposals

Celebration of 10 years of FAS

First higher education course in a Conservation and Sustainability Unit

FAS receives UNESCO Award

Action Market Research opinion and satisfaction survey


The awards received by FAS are the result of a joint effort of the team, partners and remote communities in the co-creation and development initiatives that work towards sustainable involvement in the Amazon. Since its inception, FAS has received 16 regional, national and international achievements.


  • 2019

    UNESCO-Japan Prize on Education for Sustainable Development

    Best NGOs Award

    Amazonas Quality Award 

    Bank of Brazil Foundation Award for Social Technology

  • 2018

    Honorary Certificate of Merit from the Legislative Assembly of Amazonas (in celebration of the 10 years of FAS)

    André and Lucia Maggi Foundation Award

    Best NGOs Award

    SDG Brazil Award

    Amazonas Quality Award (PQA) 

  • 2017

    Best NGOs Award

    Amazonas Quality Award (PQA)

  • 2016

     Calouste Gulbenkian Award – Best International Institution to Promote Human Values

    Environmental Management Award in the Amazon Biome “Environmental Monitoring, Control and Recovery”

  • 2015

    VI Hugo Weneck Sustainability & Love of Nature Award – Best example from the Third Sector

  • 2014

    von Martius Sustainability Award “Project Manage to Conserve”

    SDG Brazil Award “Bolsa Floresta Program”

Our Ecosystem

The term “Ecosystem” describes the environment in which different actors are mobilized, in the pursuit of sustainable development. FAS cultivates an ecosystem of real added value, with institutions engaged in the common objective of promoting the eradication of poverty and environmental conservation. This includes financing partners, strategic cooperations, partners in programs and projects and other institutional arrangements. In 2019, the institution had a total of 261 partners, among them, community associations, companies, non-governmental organizations, government institutions, multilateral organizations, in addition to research, teaching and innovation institutions.




Our Programs

Standing Forest Program

Keeping the forest standing is a goal that requires innovation and empowerment to generate income, in turn, conserving the forest. As an integral part of the Social Assistance program, FAS develops the program investing in actions of participatory planning and improvement of the infrastructure for sustainable production; in addition, FAS ensures that public policies guarantee the rights of families at a local level. 

Funded by philanthropic and corporate social responsibility sources, the program is developed on the basis of four components: income generation, entrepreneurship, community infrastructure and empowerment. The program also implements the Bolsa Floresta, a public policy that aims to compensate families living in protected areas in the state of Amazonas.

Education, Health and Citizenship Program

This program seeks to guarantee the rights and access to public policies for remote communities through education, health and citizenship. Since 2012, FAS’ Education, Health and Citizenship Program implements a set of initiatives that aim to stimulate citizen protagonism and participation of those living in the Deep Amazon.

The program implements a set of projects and initiatives in the area of quality education, cultural and artistic activities, and professional development, with the goal of strengthening communities. The actions have a special focus on children and adolescents who will be future leaders to act in defense of their rights and access to public policies. 

Innovative Solutions Program

With the goal of promoting a new vision for the future of the Amazon Forest and the planet, FAS’ Innovative Solutions Program promotes research and technological innovation initiatives with a focus on the sustainable development of the Amazon. The program is based on the principle that keeping the forest standing is not only possible and necessary, but can lead to innovative initiatives that can change the world on a global scale.

The program fosters the creation of transformational strategies and together with different actors and partners, aims to analyze, improve and perform sustainable solutions to contribute to paradigm shifts and the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals in the Amazon.  

Management and Transparency Program

Directly connected to FAS’ General Directory, since 2018, the Management and Transparency Program supports the Foundation’s strategic management together with the internal community. The program’s operation occurs through the periodic elaboration of actions for planning and monitoring our institutional management.

Evaluations of our other programs and projects are conducted in order to promote possible adjustments in how we undertake our activities. The program offers support for FAS’ initiatives in order to secure resource efficiency and optimization. These procedures are undertaken systematically and transversally so that all of our institutional results reach interested parties objectively and transparently.

Since 2017, FAS possesses a Strategic Planning model coinciding with the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This plan was created precisely to direct our strategies and enable improvements in our management processes. On top of this, the program supports the establishment and updating of our goals, as well as the assessment of our implementation plans, with biannual revisions.

Take part in the conservation of the Amazon!

You can support FAS’ programs and projects from anywhere within Brazil or throughout the world. By donating, you’re directly supporting conservation and sustainability initiatives in the Amazon that produce income for the true protectors of the forest: traditional and indigenous populations. Joint conservation efforts with vital communities support the reduction of deforestation. In 2019, the protected areas supported by FAS reduced their deforestation rates by 76%. Help us reach more people and join the fight for the conservation of the largest tropical forest in the world.


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