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Management and transparency

FAS is an example in transparency and management. Every semester, FAS presents its financial statements for an independent audit. All 30 evaluations were approved with no reservations    

Between dreaming and action, planning and practice, there is a line that runs through, intertwines and unifies everything that the Foundation for Amazon Sustainability does, from the beginning. In order for programs and projects in favor of the forest and the people of the region to get off the paper and become a reality, it is necessary to have a solid management structure. FAS is constituted by an integrated system of managers and councilors who represent the civil society, the public power, the business community and the academia. 

Every semester, FAS submits its financial activities to a specialized audit, conducted independently by PwC Brazil. After the technical verifications, which include the balance sheet, income statements, and cash flow statements, the financial statements are then forwarded to the Public Ministry of the State of Amazonas (MP-AM). The final analysis are the responsibility of the agency, in accordance with the legislation that governs the activities of non-governmental organizations. 

The audits have been carried out consecutively for more than 14 years, since FAS was created in 2008. Of the 30 financial statements submitted to date, all have been approved without any qualifications. “The approval without reservations from an independent audit means the perfection and safety of the organization’s accounts and shows its commitment to transparency in management and accountability,” said Luiz Villares, the organization’s financial administrative superintendent. 

The reports, contracts, statements, and annual financial execution are periodically updated and are open to public access on FAS website. 

The institution is continuously improving its structuring and data management systems, so that the information from projects and programs in its various areas of activity, from health to environmental conservation, are associated, reflecting the systemic approach that characterizes FAS, and available in real time. 

Michelle Costa, superintendente de gestão e planejamento da Fundação Amazônia Sustentável (FAS).
Photo credit: Rodolfo Pongelupe

From the point of view of technological innovation, we, as a non-governmental organization operating in the Amazon, are at the forefront of many processes and in linking sustainable development with the latest in technology.

Michelle Costa, FAS Management and Planning superintendent

The transparency of the data and the management give FAS national and international credibility and strengthen our relationships with partners and funders, who guarantee the resources for our institutional mission to continue to be fulfilled: to perpetuate the Amazon alive, with and for all people. 

The mission of the Foundation for Amazon Sustainability 

Access the FAS Transparency page and learn more about the structure and the management and monitoring mechanisms of the institution: