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Projects and fundraising

FAS invested more than R$ 328 million in projects that care for the people who care for the Amazon

Caring for the people who care for the Amazon has never been a lonely task. Since its origin, FAS started to weave a web of cooperation for the sustainable development and social prosperity of the region. Amazonians, Brazilians, citizens of the world. Community associations, third sector entities, governments, companies, research centers.  A multitude of people and organizations that today form a solid network of 344 partnerships for a living Amazon. 

Without them, so many achievements would not have been possible. To them, we dedicate our gratitude and dedication to continue with our mission to contribute to the environmental conservation of the Amazon by valuing the standing forest, its biodiversity, and improving the quality of life of the people who live here. 

“We thank those who contributed to FAS. Without the engagement of 344 financing and institutional partnerships and 43 counselors, we would not have achieved such expressive results. This gives us strength to keep on dreaming and working for a living Amazon, with and for all the people”, says Virgilio Viana, general superintendent of FAS. 

Foundation for Amazon Sustainability is one of the largest socio-environmental organizations present in the Amazon. As a civil society and non-profit organization, the concretization of more than 5 thousand programs and projects that it has already developed in the Amazon was guaranteed by a robust and dynamic system of fundraising. This system includes investments from companies, private or family foundations, multilateral institutions, individuals, and national and foreign funds. 

In 15 years of activities, FAS has raised and invested more than R$ 328 million in sustainable development projects in the Amazon. With the foundation’s experience in large-scale initiatives in the region, these resources are converted into benefits for the environment and for the Amazonians. 

The Covid Amazon Alliance is an emblematic example of these characteristics. The coronavirus pandemic, which had a devastating impact on the Amazon, hit populations in remote areas of the region particularly hard. “We were very worried about this disease that was killing people. And everyone was worried that there was no medication, we had no health center, nothing nearby, everything was far from us, and we were kind of isolated”, remembers Raimundo Monteiro, from the São Sebastião community, in the Piagaçu-Purus Sustainable Development Reserve (AM), located 173 kilometers from Manaus, the state capital.   

Mulheres da comunidade Santa Luzia, no bairro periférico Educandos, em Manaus (AM), recebendo cestas básicas durante uma ação da Fundação Amazônia Sustentável (FAS), com apoio da Embaixada da França.
Photo credit: Samara Souza 

Facing such challenge, FAS led a network of more than 250 partnerships and raised more than R$ 48 million in financial resources, materials and equipment. The Alliance Covid Amazon met the vulnerable populations with essential items of food (27,930 food baskets), protection and hygiene (375,990 masks and 24,110 bottles of alcohol gel, among others), and information for prevention against the proliferation of the virus. 

Ambulanchas sendo levadas pelo barco no meio do Rio Negro, no Amazonas.
Photo credit: Samara Souza 

The alliance also raised funds for the purchase of ambulanchas, vehicles for transport and first aid to patients in medical emergencies, and fuel for transportation. More than 1,300 communities, villages, and neighborhoods were reached by the actions that benefited 38,512 families and 149,395 people. 

Victor Salviati, superintendente de inovação e desenvolvimento institucional da Fundação Amazônia Sustentável (FAS).
Photo credit: Dirce Quintino 

Besides the importance of the cause, the movement was a result of FAS’ ability to deliver projects quickly and efficiently.

Victor Salviati, superintendent for Innovation and Institutional Development at FAS

Watch the video about one of the Covid Amazon Alliance’s actions, carried out during the pandemic, in 2020, in the Piagaçu-Purus Sustainable Development Reserve (SDR):

RDS Piagaçu-Purus: humanitarian actions by the Covid Amazonas Alliance

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