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Guide – Pathways from the Amazon to COP28

Guide – Pathways from the Amazon to COP28
novembro 21, 2023 FAS

Guide – Pathways from the Amazon to COP28

Capa em inglês de guia elaborado pelo Grupo Cenarium em parceria com a Fundação Amazônia Sustentável (FAS) e SDSN Amazonia.

Pathways from the Amazon to COP28 is a special publication for you, who want to be aware of the 2023 edition of the world’s biggest event on climate change on the planet, from an Amazonian perspective. The guide presents the origins and history of the United Nations (UN) Conferences on Climate Change, a dictionary explaining technical terms and acronyms, a current context of climate issues and key themes to understand the importance of COP28 for the Amazon region.

The Amazon has a central position in the COP discussions due to its influence on global climate dynamics and the extent of the socio-biodiversity it harbors. That’s why, at COP28, we need to build joint solutions for the future of the planet that place the Amazon at the center.

A vision that considers it beyond the forest, in its fullness, with fauna, flora and people. A vision that recognizes the climate injustice committed against the traditional communities and peoples of the Amazon, proposes actions to mitigate and combat the effects of the climate crisis, and considers the perspectives and ideas of Amazonians. 

The guide is the result of a partnership between the Foundation for Amazon Sustainability (FAS), the Amazon Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN Amazônia) and Rede Cenarium Amazônia. 

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