Amazon Summer School

Amazon Summer School
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Amazon Summer School


The Journey

The Amazon Summer School is an immersive program focused on building capacities to understand, reflect on and take action in the field of sustainable development. ​

This is an invitation for people from all over the world to be touched deeply by the Amazon rainforest.

We invite you to come and fall in love with the forest and its people. We hope this will inspire you, leave you enchanted by its diversity and richness and support you to step into a role of defending this forest for future generations. ​

The program’s activities will expand and deepen your knowledge about the region’s natural cycles, social structures, inspiring initiatives and way of life. Questions about life, work, and purpose arise and create a foundation for individual transformation.

By understanding how the Amazon plays a key role in the sustainability challenge of our ever-changing world, we activate participants to bring the insights and learnings from the course to their professions, fields of study, and communities. ​

Participants learn from local community leaders, sustainability practitioners, the forest and each other. Through a collective learning process, the group will build their experience together based on shared purpose, work and values.

We bring together a group of individuals from different countries, sectors, backgrounds, fields of work, and areas of study. A multiplicity of world views and practical knowledge is needed to address the complexity of our growing global opportunities and challenges.​

The team that will guide the program is formed by local community, facilitators and professionals that have lived and worked in the region over time. We are delighted to invite you for the third edition of the Amazon Summer School with a renewed focus on personal leadership and advocacy for the Amazon.


Who is this course for?​

  • For those who have heard the Amazon’s call and wish to spread its wisdom across the world
  • For those who are change makers in their area of work and study looking to deepen their knowledge, skills and social networks
  • For those looking to strengthen their capacity to work in sustainability and community development in a participatory needs-based way
  • For climate change and sustainable development professionals looking for practical experience
  • For those seeking allies and partnerships with individuals who care deeply for the Amazon




Through participatory learning methodologies that balance practice and theory, participants are guided by experiential learning facilitators that support the individual and collective learning process.

Learning takes place on 3 levels:


Participants learn and apply systemic thinking and complexity frameworks in order to see the whole picture and address root causes. This includes situating challenges within a greater global context and considering the interdependence and interrelated nature of their work.​


The local community of Tumbira where the course takes place and the communities participants are a part of are areas of focus for learning, application, and impact. ​


Individuals build their own leadership capacities and explore their personal journey.




This program is based on 6 inter-related modules that support personal and collective learning:



The program will use a conceptual frameworks for sustainable development, an overview of relevant history from the perspective of local communities and organizations currently working in the Amazon region.

[tituloclasse heading=”h4″ classe=”amss i1″]Love for Nature[/tituloclasse]

Participants will visit leading Amazon research centers and organizations to explore the ecological dynamics of the Amazon rainforest, including studies of: flora, fauna, water, climate, land use, history, and geography.

[tituloclasse heading=”h4″ classe=”amss i2″]Care for People[/tituloclasse]

By experiencing direct exchange with local communities, their knowledge, and their wisdom participants will gain a greater understanding of how to  how to meaningfully engage those impacted by actions taken in local communities and how to work collaboratively.

[tituloclasse heading=”h4″ classe=”amss i3″]Know-How[/tituloclasse]

Classes with sustainability practitioners and leaders from different sectors will share stories, learnings, frameworks, practices, and concepts to enrich participant knowledge and understanding while growing their practical tool box of skills and methods.

[tituloclasse heading=”h4″ classe=”amss i4″]Bravery[/tituloclasse]

Participants are invited to prototype solutions and put learning into practice. This is the moment to collaborate with local communities and test ideas together.

[tituloclasse heading=”h4″ classe=”amss i5″]Know yourself[/tituloclasse]

This module will happen throughout the program to support each individual’s personal learning journey

Educational Pillars

  • 17 Sustainable Development Goals
  • Access to exclusive online material
  • Experiential education
  • Integration of theory and practice
  • Field work
  • Real case studies
  • Knowledge exchange with local communities
  • Group dynamics
  • Collective learning process
  • Leadership capacity building







This program will be hosted by the community  of Tumbira, which is located in the Rio Negro Protected Area of the Brazilian State of Amazonas.

[botaolink link=”https://www.google.com/maps/streetview/#amazon/tumbira-community” cor=”verde-full” title=”Check the surroundings with Google Street View”]


Join YCL Network

Youth Climate Leaders (YCL) catalyzes climate action by providing youth with training, networks and concrete opportunities to start their careers in the field of climate change. YCL selects and trains young talents through hands-on international immersions and local courses. After being trained by any YCL program, participants become part of the YCL Network, a community of practice with members from 20 countries, 4 continents and multiple areas of expertise. YCL alumni promote our programs in their countries and lead YCL Hubs, acting as multipliers by facilitating educational activities and implementing projects locally. Members of the YCL Network also have access to professional opportunities such as Field Placements, job vacancies, mentorship and Delegations to global events.



Our team is made up of sustainability professionals and academics, teachers from the local communities, invited speakers, mentors, program coordinators and learning facilitators.​

We are forming the group of invited speakers for the 2021 edition in the best way to achieve the learning goals of the course.


Roberto Mendonça

Tumbira, Amazonas

Roberto Mendonga is a natural leader of the Tumbira community, where the course is hosted. Roberto used to be a logger, and work selling special wood from the forest. Touched by the conservation awareness and the new business alternatives that came when his community became a Protected Reservation, he became a local tourism enterpreneur, and enchants every visitor with his great stories, warm reception and great knowledge about the forest and its mysteries.


Laura Candelaria

Manaus – AM

Laura Candelaria is a bachelor in public administration. She is passionate about sustainability and believes that the human relationship with nature is a key element for an integral and balanced development. Participated in the Amazon Summer School in 2016 and thereafter began to develop projects with youth protected areas of the Amazon Rainforest. She is currently coordinating the activities of the Amazon-edu education platform.


Terezinha Macedo

Tumbira, Amazonas

Terezinha represents the simple and deep wisdom of the Tumbira people. She, along with other local actors, will welcome participants and invite them to get involved in day-to-day community activities.


Vírgilio Viana

Manaus, Amazonas

Virgilio Viana is a PhD in Evolutionary Biology from Harvard University, and postdoc at University of Florida. Currently he is Director General at FAS, member of World Economic Forum (WEF) Global Council on Poverty and SD; International Advisory Board of ESPA; Consultative Board of Royal Society’s Human Resilience Project; co-chair of Forests, Oceans, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services of UN’ s Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN), as well as chair of SDSN-Amazonia. Check some of his publications here.


Isabel Chender

Nova Scotia, Canada

Isabel is a graphic facilitator, program and curriculum designer, and project leader passionate about creating spaces where mutual learning and collective clarity can be discovered. Through skillful authentic engagement and the use of creative graphics, Isabel works to support, illuminate, and catalyze individuals and groups by seeing together and moving clarity into action. Her studies at ALIA (Authentic Leadership in Action), Masters degree (B.A) in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability (M.Sc) from Sweden, and bachelors in International Development Studies have provided the theoretical basis for her practical experience working on projects related to leadership, sustainability, and radical education. In addition to her work with the Amazon Summer School she is currently a strategic and creative process consultant for Brave Space, a frequent collaborator with the Art of Hosting international, an alumni and of the UnSchool of Disruptive Design and a board member of Wayside Initiative.


Izolena Garrido

Tumbira, Amazonas

Tumbira community leader and artisan of biojewellery with local materials, Izolena represents the women of the Rio Negro who will share their knowledge with the participants.


Raquel Luna Viggiani

Tumbira – AM

With a master’s in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability. Raquel focuses her work in alternative education for sustainable change, by combining diversity, empathic mindset, appreciative view and facilitated spaces for dialogue. She worked in FAS as manager for the Sustainability and Forest Conservation Education Centers in Amazon protected areas, and believes development interventions can play a role in creating a sustainable society by bringing communities into asking questions instead of pre-packaged answers.






The official language is English. We will have bilingual participants to help communicate with local community members and teachers.


Most of the program will happen in the community of Tumbira (one of the communities of the Rio Negro Reserve). The community can only be accessed by boat from Manaus.

The first three days the group will be staying in a hotel with shared rooms in Manaus and then travel to the community. The group will have the chance to live a real Amazon experience, sleeping in hammocks on shared rooms, and waking up with the most beautiful sunrise over the river everyday. We can arrange accommodation in beds for special needs.


We believe the team formation of participants is key for the quality of the course. The applications will be evaluated and the selection process will align intentions and expectations. Please see below for more information about the application and interview process.

Important Dates:
  • Oct 28th to April 1st: Applications are open
  • April and May: Final application analysis and Skype interviews
  • May 10th: Announcement of final selection
  • June: Course materials will become accessible to participants and the pre-learning phase will begin.
  • July: all participants will meet in Manaus to begin the journey.

* We have limited spots. 

To apply, please complete the registration form.

Fee and economy:

The fee of the course is US$ 2600.

We want to form a group with social, cultural and economic diversity. Therefore, we do not want the financial question to be a limiting factor for your registration and participation. We are available to support you in your fundraising strategy, let us know.​

Until now we were not able to fundraise for the 2020 edition and the course depends on covering its costs to happen. ​

If it does not reach the needed funds, this edition will be postponed and all applicants will be informed. ​

The program fee includes all meals, transport, lodging and materials as well as a fair wage for the community which hosts us and invited facilitators



An initiative:

Leader in community led sustainable development, FAS – Sustainable Amazon Foundation – is a nonprofit, non-governmental and non-partisan Foundation. Its mission is to promote the sustainable involvement, environmental conservation and improvement of the quality of life of community residents and users of protected areas in the State of Amazonas.

Regional Network from SDSN – Sustainable Development Solutions Network. With the purpose to mobilize local universities, research centers, civil society organizations, business, and other knowledge centers around practical problem solving for sustainable development.

Youth Climate Leaders (YCL) catalyzes climate action by providing youth with training, networks and concrete opportunities to start their careers in the field of climate change. YCL offers unique pathways to equip young people with the tools needed to engage in the climate economy. And a Global Network that facilitates connections between climate practitioners, experts, and young leaders to foster professional development opportunities and climate job placements around the world.


E-MAIL: summerschool@fas-amazonas.org
SKYPE: amazon.summer.school
FACEBOOK: facebook.com/amazonsummerschool/