FAS 15 YEARS - FAS - Fundação Amazônia Sustentável


The future of the Amazon lies with its people, ancestral inhabitants of the territories, connoisseurs of the meanders of the rivers and the paths of the forests.

Indigenous, quilombolas, extractivists, riverine people. The future of the Amazon is a path of listening and learning that takes place by looking in the eye, by being present. 

The future we want for the Amazon is a day-to-day construction, a process that takes place over several changes, and that comes to life through constancy and passionate persistence. The future we want for the Amazon began to be dreamed by us in 2008. The year in which we were born as an organization: Foundation for Amazon Sustainability (FAS). 

It is towards this future that we keep moving, articulated in a network with a growing set of partners from civil society, socio-environmental activism, academia, the business community, governments in the Amazon, in Brazil, and around the globe. In order to perpetuate the Amazon alive, with everyone and for everyone. After all, the future of the Amazon is made by us. We are the Amazon.


“The work of FAS has been very important in the development of the communities, in terms of public policies, leadership formation, and income generation”. 

José Albino Batalha, community leader in the Campo Novo Community, Mamirauá Sustainable Development Reserve (AM) 

Beneficiário de projeto realizado pela Fundação Amazônia Sustentável (FAS).


Since 2008, the Foundation for Amazon Sustainability has been present in Amazonian territories, forests, and cities, proposing solutions that contribute to the conservation of the environment and the quality of life of local populations. 

We have traveled thousands of kilometers into the Amazon to reach further, to get to know our region better, to help in the planning and implementation of public policies, and to be able to positively impact the lives of the Amazonians. 

Our trajectory up to this point has been made of a lot of learning, work, and accomplishments, which we proudly like to call “fazimentos”. For us, fazimento is a collective word, which only has meaning in the plural, and means this continuous act of making new paths, more sustainable, inclusive, and dignified, for the Amazon. 

We invite you to learn a little about this history, which is our contribution to the future of the Amazon, from some of our main fazimentos in 15 years of FAS: 

21.526 families

directly benefited by FAS’ programs and projects in the Amazon  


communities, localities and villages benefited in the Amazon


territories (Conservation Units,
Indigenous Lands, municipal headquarters) 


reduction in deforestation in
16 Conservation Units 


increase in family income of residents of
Conservation Units 


 audits approved without qualification 


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